Drawing on Boat

When the camera allows light and waves to draw the path to Higan, I realise that it actually leads me to a place that i’ve never known.


Higan means "the other shore of the Sanzu River", which separates this life from the afterlife in Japanese Buddhist tradition.

Life feels an unstoppable boat trip without a pilot from and to nowhere that we never know. They say you will cross the river when you are about to die, but we are already in the middle of the huge river. You have already departed on a boat for the other side when you were born, taking the whole of your life to cross it.

You wouldn't like to see how close the destination is. You may find contentment with your weird life trip that never show the other shore unless you're dying.

However, photography intrigues me by showing the signs of somewhere we head to the after life. Giving formless subjects visible forms, it enables light and water to create the other meanings, apart from their original associations as the cradle of life.

The drawings implies my trip to death, the road to Higan.



©A.N.P. All rights reserved.

©A.N.P. All rights reserved.